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Varsin Hyvä in English


LEADER ACTION GROUP VARSIN HYVÄ is situated in Turku region in Southwest Finland. We operate in 11 municipalities with more than 81000 inhabitants. Our local strategy “Better results by working together” emphasizes the power of cooperation. We have made a pre-study on rural tourism and common marketing in the Baltic Sea area and at the moment we are starting a transnational project with Estonian partners.


The priorities of our strategy are nature and culture, renewable activities in villages and associations, ecology and developing local business and new jobs. The priorities, objectives and measures have been selected on the basis of a series of events organized by Leader Varsin Hyvä, the results of the survey, discussions with partners and several Board meetings preparing the strategy.


– Vital rural areas close to the cities
– Educated population and expert organisation
– A lot of active associations
– Positive attitude of companies
– Long history and rich culture with traditions
– Unique nature and culture
– Development of local and organic food- Agriculture playing an important role
– Attractive archipelago
– Long experience, good language skills and expertise in international cooperation


– finding new models of interaction and communication in rural areas
– networking and interactive learning
– promoting tourism
– innovative products and service development
– new business opportunities
– ecological solutions in everyday life

Collaboration projects may be implemented through Leader-finance or through other EU-funded projects.
International cooperation should increase knowledge, business opportunities and/or well-being in rural


FinEst Countryside – Rural, archipelago and village tourism in the Baltic Sea region

Outdoor Leader

Village Feast

Opportunities for Young People


Contact person: Ms. Pia Poikonen
+358 (0)50 3383 867
Address: Kuralankatu 2, FI-20540 Turku